Hi! I’m Ms. Mole and I am here to provide you with tutorials and reviews on stuffed animals of all types.

I have been a huge fan of stuffed animals since I was a small child and have collected many animal toys over the years, both large and small. I specialize in collecting unusual and exotic stuffed animals, such as tardigrades, anteaters, and moles.

I will  show you how to maintain and clean your stuffed animals the right way. I will even give tips on how to find vintage stuffed animals as well.

You can expect histories of famous teddy bears, such as Steiff, and even reviews of more modern plush animals such as the ever famous Beanie Babies.

I will recommend the best stuffed animals that are safe for small children, and give you ideas on how stuffed animals can add to the style of your home. Stuffed animals aren’t just for kids!  Cuddly toys can add a touch of warmth to any bedroom, no matter what your age. The well-made Hansa stuffed animals can be a wonderful conversation piece for your living room.

I may even show you how to make your own stuffed animals!  I have hand sewn a few small animals–a mole, by the way–and crocheted many more. You will find anything and everything you want to know about the adorable, and even stylish world of stuffed critters.

Whether you are looking for stuffed animals for babies, children, teenagers, adults, geeks, collectors, or just a friend for yourself that you never have to feed, you’ve come to the right place.

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